Notice of AGM 2018

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018


The Forty Ninth Annual General Meeting will be held at the Credit Union office on Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 8pm.
Members are requested to bring their passbooks to the AGM.
You will find our 2018 Annual Report here


Order of Business

1 The acceptance by the board of directors of the authorised representatives of
members that are not natural persons;
2 Ascertainment that a quorum is present;
3 Adoption of Standing Orders*;
4 Reading and approval (or correction) of the minutes of the last annual general
meeting, and any intervening special general meeting;
5 Report of the Board of Directors;
6 Report of the CEO;
7 Consideration of accounts;
8 Report of the Auditor;
9 Declaration of dividend and rebate of interest;
10 Report of the Credit Committee;
11 Report of the Credit Control Committee;
12 Report of the Membership Committee;
13 Report of the Nomination Committee;
14 Report of the Board Oversight Committee;
15 Appointment of Tellers;
16 Election of Auditor;
17 Election to fill vacancy on the Board Oversight Committee;
18 Election to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors;
19 Any other business;
20 Announcement of election results;
21 Adjournment or close of meeting.


The members assembled at any annual general meeting may suspend the
order of business upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at the


Notice of Elections

Elections will be held to fill:
• 4 vacancies on the Board of Directors
• 1 vacancy on the Board Oversight Committee
• The position of Auditor


Claude Hobbs
Honorary Secretary