Notice of AGM 2019

Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019

The 50th Annual General Meeting
will be held at the Credit Union office
on Tuesday 10th December 2019
at 8 pm




Members are requested to bring the Annual Report 2019 and their passbooks to the AGM.


Order of Business
1 The acceptance by the board of directors of the authorised representatives of
members that are not natural persons;
2 Ascertainment that a quorum is present;
3 Adoption of Standing Orders,
4 Reading and approval (or correction) of the minutes of the last annual general
the meeting, and any intervening special general meeting;
5 Report of the Board of Directors;
6 Report of the CEO;
7 Consideration of accounts;
8 Report of the Auditor;
9 Declaration of dividend and rebate of interest;
10 Report of the Credit Committee;
11 Report of the Credit Control Committee;
12 Report of the Membership Committee;
13 Report of the Nomination Committee;
14 Report of the Board Oversight Committee;
15 Appointment of Tellers;
16 Election of Auditor;
17 Election to fill the vacancy on the Board Oversight Committee;
18 Election to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors;
19 Any other business;
20 Announcement of election results;
21 Adjournment or close of the meeting.
The members assembled at any annual general meeting may suspend the
order of business upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at the


Notice of Elections
Elections will be held to fill:
• 3 vacancies on the Board of Directors
• 1 vacancy on the Board Oversight Committee
• The position of Auditor
Shane Maguire
Honorary Secretary