Black Friday Tips

Black Friday is a great opportunity to make big savings over Christmas. Our guide shows you how to get the most out of sales.


1. Budget

We wouldn’t be much of a credit union if we didn’t advise you to start with a budget and a shopping list. With so many items on sale, it is easy to get lost and distracted.
By preparing a list of who you are buying for, what they might like and how much you are willing to spend, you will save a lot of time navigating deals.

2. Do It Online

While a lot of shops will be running sales it is a working day after all and wandering around a shopping centre is not be the best way to catch all the deals you can.

3. Get in Ahead of the Pack

Your favourite shop may have an email list that lets you know what deals will be available in advance. Make sure you’re signed up!
Some stores may start their sales early so keep an eye on them in the week beforehand.

4. Use Our Loan

Our loan is a very low rate and can help make sure you can finance your shopping in advance. Start your application online here.

5. Be Credit Card Careful

Credit Cards make it easy to spend but remember that unless you clear the balance within the month, you’ll often be charged a high rate of interest.

6. Buying Something Technical?

Buying items such as computers, camera and musical equipment can be difficult online if you don’t know about them. Most online shops offer great return policies but make sure to check them. Better yet, buy from a local shop to benefit from sage advice from an expert.

7. Watch Out for Shop Finance

Many shops offer financing options for high-value goods. Many aren’t very clear on the cost of finance with extra monthly account management costs.
An account management cost of €4.50 per month is €54 per year without including interest – that’s more than the interest on a €1,000 loan from us of the same duration!
Make sure you understand the cost of finance upfront. Always compare a quote with our low rate loan – which doesn’t have any additional charges!

8. Buying from a UK Shop?

Sterling has taken a tumble since Brexit but UK high street stores don’t always pass on the differences to their Irish outlets. Services such as An Post’s Address Pal or Parcel Motel allow you to buy as a UK customer and have parcels sent to a UK address before forwarding them to you.
This can actually lead to significant savings over the Euro retail price.
Happy Shopping!