Loans - August 25, 2022 by Claire Carroll
Government Re-opens Electric Small Public Service Vehicle Grant Scheme 2022 (eSPSV22)

Government Re-opens Electric SPSV Grant Scheme 2022   The Department of Transport has reopened the Electric Vehicle grant for Taxi drivers from August 1st. Applications will be accepted up to 30 November 2022 for this scheme. To get the funding, vehicles must be licensed (passed the suitability inspection) by 31 December 2022. There will be...

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Loans - July 25, 2022 by Monika Romanowicz
The Many Roads to Further & Higher Education

The Many Roads to Further & Higher Education It has never been more exciting, diverse, and accessible for a person to take another step along their education journey.  It is also no longer an exclusively young person’s journey with more mature students deciding that the time is right for them to upskill, retrain or enter...

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Loans - June 30, 2022 by Monika Romanowicz
Thinking of buying a new car in 2022?

Thinking of buying a new car in 2022? As a major purchase, we should take some time to think about all the car finance options available to us when we are buying a car. Let’s look at two options: PCP and Car Loan from the Credit Union.     PCP (Personal Contract Plan) Vs a...

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