Dublin Simon Community House of Cards 2022

Dear Members, 


Christmas is a time of festive cheer, a time to come together in each other’s homes and celebrate.  Everyone at Blanchardstown & District Credit Union hopes that this Christmas is one of happiness and Christmas warmth for you and your families. 


We are all aware of the growing homeless numbers across our county and country, Christmas is much harder for many of our community experiencing homelessness, those who long for their own home. 


This year as we prepare to celebrate together, we have chosen to support Dublin Simon’s House of Cards Appeal and send your Christmas Greetings virtually. 


Why not a card this year? 


We decided to donate the money that we usually spend on Christmas cards and postage to Dublin Simon on behalf of all our members.  By doing this, we can help Dublin Simon Community service users experiencing homelessness to open the door on their own home.  What better gift is there than to give a person or family the gift of shelter, warmth and a place they can call their own this Christmas. 


Thank you 


We think you will all recognise that as a credit union we are stronger together and with this gesture we are showing people that we care as a community and that this virtual card makes a real difference. 


Wishing you a Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year ,

All the team at Blanchardstown & District Credit Union