Government Re-opens Electric Small Public Service Vehicle Grant Scheme 2022 (eSPSV22)

Government Re-opens Electric SPSV Grant Scheme 2022


The Department of Transport has reopened the Electric Vehicle grant for Taxi drivers from August 1st. Applications will be accepted up to 30 November 2022 for this scheme. To get the funding, vehicles must be licensed (passed the suitability inspection) by 31 December 2022. There will be no extensions of eSPSV22.


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The process is simple

1. Review the Electric SPSV Grant Scheme for eligibility & next steps.
2. Look at the range of Eligible Vehicles under the Electric SPSV Grant Scheme.
3. You will need:
     a. Your PPSN — Personal Public Service Number (individual) or TRN — Tax Reference Number (company)
     b. SPSV driver licence details
     c. Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate.
4. Apply for the Electric SPSV Grant.
5. Follow and meet the National Transport Authority instructions and guidelines from Grant Approval to Grant Payment.
6. Talk to a member of our Friendly Loans Team at Blanchardstown & District Credit Union – call 1800 215 215 or apply online.


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