Become a Member, not just a customer. Joining our Credit Union is the best decision you could make for you and your money. Living, working or studying in Dublin 15? You are welcome to join!

We Believe People Come First

Credit unions are different from other financial institutions, not just because they are not-for-profit, but because decisions are made at a local level and tailored to the individual needs of members. There are many reasons to join the Credit Union.

  • Owned by all of our members - one member one vote
  • ‘Not-for-profit’ financial co-operative
  • Competitive interest rates on savings accounts
  • Lower interest rates on loan products
  • Surplus income generated is returned to our members
  • Exclusive common bond membership
  • No transaction charges on loans or saving accounts
  • Loans are insured at no direct cost to the member (terms and conditions apply)
  • Savings are insured at no direct cost to the member (terms and conditions apply)
  • Flexibility in repayments, no penalty for additional or larger repayments
  • Works in cooperation with the local community
  • Supports local sport clubs, charities, various groups and societies
  • Wide-range of insurance services for members
  • Member focused banking
  • Better and more personalised service
  • More flexibility in managing you loan & savings
  • Fewer Complications, simple & easy to follow terms

Our mission is to promote financial wellbeing of our members by providing broad range of innovative products. When you are a CU member you join...


170 Million

Credit Union Members worldwide

2.9 Million

Credit Union Members in Ireland


Apply in 3 easy steps...
Gather your documents

To become a member, you need: (1) Valid Photo ID (Passport, Driving Licence or An EU Identity Card) (2) Proof of Address if LIVING in the area (Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Correspondence from Revenue) – dated within last 3 months, or if WORKING in Dublin 15 proof from your employer on headed paper 3. Proof of PPS Number (Payslip or Correspondence from Revenue)

Call into our office

Bring all your documets and we can start processing your membership application straight away

Start saving or borrowing on the same day

Lodge €10 to activate your account and gain access to all our financial products and services. Activate your online banking, download our mobile app, sign up for a cash draw and many more!


Our Credit Union lets people in the community come together to save and borrow money at low rates. It is operated on a not-for-profit basis and surplus income is returned to members.
You must be living, working or attending school within our Common Bond area (Dublin 15) in order to become a member.

Customer testimonials

I always recommend the Credit Union to anyone I know it has been a lifeline to me and especially this one. I have great respect for all the staff and the whole concept of the Credit union