Borrow Local is a call to ask all members and the wider community to help and support us, Blanchardstown and District Credit Union as we emerge from this crisis. Many people don’t see us as an SME but we are!

We are not a large corporate financial institution we are a Not For Profit financial co-operative owned by our members and, just like other local SMEs, we have been negatively affected by this crisis. We have been lending to our members for 50 years this year and the loans that we issue to you, our members are in the main spent in the local economy.


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Why you should borrow locally?

• Credit Union ethos is a not for profit but for service financial co-operative

• Your Credit Union is a small local business and also needs your support

• Communities must support their credit unions in order for them to survive

• The credit union movement is a vital part of the economy.

• The availability of credit leads to an increase in spending, thus increasing income levels across the economy.

• Emergency borrowing is available for those worried about making ends meet.

• Flexible loan repayments are available for those who are having difficulty.

• Our drive is to help our country get back on track not to increase profits like other commercial credit institutions.

• By supporting your credit union and borrowing from your credit union you are enabling us to continue our long tradition of lending to those in our society who can’t access credit from mainstream ‘FOR PROFIT’ commercial institutions

• Watch out for Moneylenders! We urge any member who is in need of financial help to contact us first and we can offer support in the form of a flexible low-cost loan.

• Let Us Help You. Not a member, not a problem! Come and talk to us. We are here to support your financial wellness and help with any financial hardships you may face.

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