Spend Local; this is the most important message of all. We cannot emphasise this enough. Economists believe that we are going to experience the worst recession since the Great Depression.


Our local economy and small businesses have suffered greatly, and now more than ever we need to support each other. When we Spend Local it keeps money circulating locally. Every €10 you spend locally generates more than €40 of benefit in the local community in terms of employment because the shops you buy from use local services such as accountants, insurance brokers and suppliers who employ local people.


By Spending Local we are keeping our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and friends in jobs. Last year we issued almost €20m in loans, most of which was spent in the local economy.

Be like Linda!

While you’re staying local, where you can, please spend your money locally. Each time you support a local business, you keep at least one more person employed. The government is doing what it can in terms of financial relief and other initiatives, but that can only go so far and for so long. Ultimately, it’s going to be up to us, the local communities and customers, to support these businesses.

Why you should spend locally?

• This may be the worst recession since the Great Depression


• Your Local SME’s and local economy have suffered greatly and need your support


• Buying locally keeps money circulating locally


• The local shops you buy from use local services such as accountants, insurance brokers and suppliers as well as employing local people


• By shopping locally, we support our towns and villages and keep our butchers, jewellers, pharmacies, brewers, distillers, confectioners, post offices, fashion, electronics and hardware stores, and all our local shopkeepers in business.

Why you should support local business?

• Local business is essential for our economy.

• They bring growth and innovation to our communities.

• They provide employment and create entrepreneurship opportunities and support the local economies, communities and neighbourhoods.

• They also care about their community.

• They know their customers by name; they are our neighbours and friends. They are what make our towns special and unique.

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The Government have asked people to restrict their movement to help prevent the spread of the virus, so we are encouraging members and the wider community to listen to the advice of our government and Stay Local, but staying local has other unforeseen benefits.



Credit is the most important part of the local and national economy. An increase in spending leads to an increase in demand and in turn an increase in jobs which helps economic growth. Why you should borrow locally?