It looks like a lot of us will be staying at home this year. Even though we’re restricted in where we can go, we don’t have to be restricted in what we can do. It’s down to all of us to keep things going in our local communities.

Social distancing measures are bringing communities together

Our Stay Local idea is very simple. The Government have asked people to restrict their movement to help prevent the spread of the virus, so we are encouraging members and the wider community to listen to the advice of our government and Stay Local, but staying local has other unforeseen benefits. We have seen it all over the country that, by people staying local they have connected with their neighbours and people they may not have known before. New relationships are being born from this crisis, and community spirit all across the country has exploded.

Dublin 15 Red Cross Volunteers

They are available in the Dublin 15 Fingal and completing tasks such as collecting prescriptions, food shopping, linking with food banks, social services, hardship funding and practical supports. Mobile (Call/Text/Whatsapp): 087 788 9692

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Government Daily Updates

On this page you can view the latest information on how Ireland is responding to cases of COVID-19.

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Fingal Community Response

If you are living in Fingal area and need help, please call their helpline. This service is available to all residents of Fingal and is aimed at elderly, vulnerable, ill and anyone who needs help. Helpline 01 890 5000 Freephone 1800 459 059

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Why you should stay local?

• You stop the spread of the coronavirus

• You keep people safe, healthy and strong

• You build new relationships with your neighbours

• You reach out to the vulnerable and elderly in your area

• You enhance Community Spirit

• You do it because of who you are



While you’re staying local, where you can, please spend your money locally. Each time you support a local business, you keep at least one more person employed.



Credit is the most important part of the local and national economy. An increase in spending leads to an increase in demand and in turn an increase in jobs which helps economic growth.


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