Member Benefit Programmes


In addition to a number of optional “Peopl” Insurance Products, we offer three valuable insurance benefits at no direct charge to Members. The Credit Union take out a group Life Policy to mitigate these claims. These are as follows:



Life Savings Insurance


This scheme offers FREE LIFE INSURANCE relating to a Member’s Savings.
The main terms and conditions are:
  • Savings must be made, and maintained, in the Credit Union before the age of 71.
  • The maximum insured amount is €13,000.
  • No medical questions, however a pre-existing condition limitation (PCL) is in place for all savings made 6 months before death.
  • The benefit percentage changes as the member get older, please see below.
  • Members must leave their savings in their account or this might affect the benefits.



Example:  If, for example, a Member had the following savings in their Shares at their key birthdays and died at, say, age 75 they would get the following benefit:



The benefit is paid on the EXTRA amount saved between each birthday and the maximum benefit is paid on savings made before the age of 55 i.e.100%.



Life Savings Insurance


Where members are borrowing from the Credit Union, there is obviously the possibility that they may not completely repay the loan due to death.
In Blanchardstown & District Credit Union, the debt shall die with the debtor. This means you do not have the worry about leaving a debt for your next of kin.
Terms and conditions apply.


  • Members under 70 years can borrow a maximum of €70,000.
  • Members between 70 and 80 years can borrow up to €30,000.
  • For more information on any of the above please contact us at 01 820 3495



Death Benefit Insurance*


The main purpose of Death Benefit Insurance is to provide extra Insurance to our Members in the event of their death. With Blanchardstown & District  Credit Union Ltd., the benefit offered is €2,600 and is paid to the next of kin/dependants of eligible members to help with funeral expenses.


You are eligible for this insurance provided you:


  • are over 16 years of age (under 16 years are automatically included)
  • joined the credit union before 71 years of age
  • have been a member for more than 6 Months & remained a member of the credit union
  • have a balance in your shares of at least €380, at the time of death.
On a Joint account, only the first named person is covered. The second named person can open a sole account to ensure they are covered too.
*Terms and Condition Apply.
Blanchardstown & District  Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.