Monthly Lodgement Cap

Monthly Lodgement cap update

As of 11 August 2023, we have removed the monthly share lodgement cap of €10,000 with immediate effect. With a maximum total savings per member of €50,000 now in place. 


Does this affect you?

If you have less than €50,000 held in shares (combined across all your accounts) you can increase it to this amount, however, not beyond.  Our team monitor this on an ongoing basis and advise members accordingly. 


The Overall Share Cap is €50,000 and that is per member, not per account. There is no monthly share lodgement cap as of 11 August 2023. 


Each member’s shares are limited to a maximum of €50,000 of combined savings, whether they are in any of the following:  

Single share account  

Single Thrift/EFT account  

50% of the value of their joint share account(s)  

50% of the value of their joint Thrift / EFT account(s) 

How long will the “no monthly lodgement cap” last for? 

The Board of Directors at Blanchardstown & District Credit Union will keep the monthly lodgement cap under constant review, if they make any decision to change the cap, all members will be informed.

If you have a query, please feel free to contact us

You can email us at, you can call us on 01-820 3495 or call in to our offices and speak to a member of our team.