We’re going GREEN! Are You?

You can help us save hundreds of trees and thousands of euros each year!


Many of our members prefer to communicate through email and transact online which reduces the amount of paper they use and their carbon footprint.

To help us and you “Go Green” we are asking you to update your preferences and switch to receiving certain communications via email or access our services online.




Did you know, every year, we are required to send every member an AGM booklet? If your entire family is with our credit union that may lead to posting as many as 4 or 5 booklets to one household only!

That’s a lot of paper, cost and unnecessary waste


If all of our members opt to receive their AGM pack by email, together we will save hundreds of trees each year and save thousands of euros from our credit union budget!


By updating your contact details, to receiving all future communications by email, we are all showing our commitment to a greener world, stronger together.


Switching is quick and costs nothing.


Sign up today in the office or update your preferences online on our website.

Changing your preferences online is simple just follow the instructions below:

1. Sign in to your your Credit Union online banking via our website

2. Click on Personal Settings (On the top right hand corner)

3. Scroll down to Obligatory Communications

4. Tick the box next to AGM Notifications

5. Click Submit



***Please note that this can not be done through our app but you can use any web browser on your mobile phone to complete this request***